School Uniform

The school uniform comprises:     

  • Tuxford Academy blue blazer with Academy logo
  • Tuxford Academy tie (4 college colours)
  • Medium grey trousers/medium grey pleated skirt
  • Black shoes
  • Tuxford Academy blue V-neck sweater with Academy logo (optional)
  • White shirt (plain white, formal style, stiffened collar)

Uniform Policy: click here to download the policy

P.E. kit for all students:

  • Tuxford Academy P.E. Faculty Rugby Shirt
  • Tuxford Academy P.E. Faculty T-Shirt
  • Navy blue socks (knee-length)
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Tuxford Academy P.E. Faculty Joggers (optional)
  • Footwear should be sport trainers, not pumps, Vans, Converse, or high-top styles

PE Kit Policy:  click here to download the policy

It is important that the trousers and skirts conform to the recommended formal style so that high standards of school uniform are maintained. Should you wish to buy from other outlets it is imperative that you purchase these items of schoolwear within the following guidelines:

  • Trousers: medium grey; formal cut
  • Skirts: medium grey, pleated.  The hem should be no more than 5cm (2") above the top of the knee.  'Pencil style'/tight fitting skirts are not allowed.
  • Shirts: plain white; formal style; no logos; stiffened collar; no fitted blouses.    

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