The School Day

Lesson Start time End Time
 1 8.45am 9.35am
 2 9.40am 10.30am
 Tutorial time  10.30am  10.50am
 Morning break  10.50am  11.15am
 3  11.15am  12.05pm
 4  12.10pm  1.00pm
 Lunch break  1.00 pm  1.50pm
 5  1.50pm  2.40pm
 6  2.45pm  3.30pm

If students need to leave school early because of an appointment, they must sign out at their respective college reception, and be in possession of a note from their parent/carer. They must sign out at main reception as they actually leave the school premises.  Also, if students arrive late into school, they need to sign in at their respective college reception.

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