Most successful year group ever in Academy history

Most successful year group ever in Academy history

Miss Murphy, Head of Post 16 at Tuxford Academy, organised a special celebratory evening for the students and parents of their highest Post 16 achievers in the academy’s history! The grades that the class of 2015 achieved meant that that 52% of Tuxford Post 16 students achieved grades A*-B at A level, a record high percentage. 

Mr Cotton, Executive Principal said of the students’ successes, “It is really important to celebrate your successes and to remember and reflect back on all the hard work you and time you spent at Tuxford Academy. Recreating moments in life, as we are doing this evening is the key to success. I am incredibly proud of you all. ” 

Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Mr Creegan presented the French Award to Rosalind Cooper who was awarded an unconditional place at top university Durham. “Rosalind did not have one single error in her coursework! Her work ethic and attitude throughout her time in Post 16 was exemplary. Not only did she go above and beyond to organise additional exchanges and trips with French families, she also did the class revision prior to lessons! It was an absolute pleasure supporting her in her application and studies.” 

Beth Platford, is another example of a Tuxford student who stood out on the evening. Beth won two awards: Highest Achiever Award and Chemistry Award. Beth has since gone on to study medicine at Sheffield University and was quoted by her teacher as one of the most driven young people had had ever taught.  

The guest speaker during the evening was ex-student Victoria Jones, who left the academy in 2009.  Victoria gave a highly impressive and motivational speech detailing her experiences since leaving school.  

“I made the most of my time at school and I want to thank Tuxford for providing me with the skills and support that has helped me to go on to succeed in the real world. Tuxford Academy has played a huge part in what I have achieved during the past six years. Since leaving I have achieved a good degree in International History with Politics, have lived and studied in the United States and have been fortunate to carve a career in public service working in a number of high profile areas.  After an extremely competitive application process, whereby only 5% of applications are successful, I have also been accepted on to the Civil Service Fast Stream, the Government’s graduate programme.”  


Victoria’s closing message was clear to her audience, ‘Push yourself to step outside your comfort zone instead of sticking to what you know. Be brave and go for it!’ 

Assistant Principal (Post 16) Mr Paul Simpson summarised the evening by congratulating all the students for their successes - whatever direction the next step of their journey has taken them. He also asked them to keep in touch and wished them to be RICH: Resilient, Innovative, Confident, and Happy.