Literacy across the curriculum

Literacy is vital to function in a modern, communications-led society, for personal pleasure and for intellectual growth.  

  • Literacy supports learning.  
  • Students need vocabulary, expression and organisational control to cope with the cognitive demands of all subjects.   
  • Reading enables us to learn from sources beyond our immediate experience   
  • Through language we make and revise meaning   
  • Writing helps us to sustain and order thought   
  • Responding to higher order questions encourages development of thinking skills and enquiry.
  • Better literacy leads to improved self-esteem, motivation and behaviour.  
  • It allows students to learn independently. 
  • It is empowering.  

Here at Tuxford Academy, we are serious about improving literacy and one of our most recent initiatives is to encourage KS3 students to carry a reading book and a levelled spelling bookmark with them at all times. Learning Time is being used to allow students to work together with their peers, tutors, co-tutors and Post 16 assistants, in improving reading and spelling.



We would like to invite parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters to get involved with this initiative by listening to your children read as a matter of course and to support them in learning their spellings. 

If we are all working together then there could be a huge impact in your child’s literacy levels which will help them to make progress in all subject areas.

If you would like any more information, please contact Mrs Evans.



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