Gifted & Talented/More Able Students

At Tuxford Academy we care for alll our students equally, regardless of ability.  The provision for our Gifted and Talented/More Able students is all about equity.  Such students have a right to be educated according to their potential needs and abilities.  
It is important to recognise that our Gifted and Talented/More Able students are individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses.  
Tuxford Academy has in effect two Gifted & Talented registers: (i) whole school and (ii) faculty specific.
Each year the Year 7 CAT scores are analysed and used to start the whole school register.  
Faculties also identify G & T using criteria established by subjects and teachers; peer comparison (2 to 3 years ahead of peers) and talent identification (sport, music, drama, art and dance).
There are a number of whole school G & T/More Able clubs, such as chess club, go and scrabble club, debate club and astronomy club.  Each academic year other opportunities are available at a faculty level, e.g. STEM competition.  
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We are pleased to share are Gifted and Talented/More able successes at Post 16.  
In Autumn 2017, the following places were gained at Russell Group universities by Tuxford Academy Post 16 students.
Ancient History and Archaeology
Theatre and Performance
Bioveterinary Science
Tropical Disease Biology
Business Management
Journalism, Media and Culture
Geographic Information Science
Combined Honours -Triple
Aeronautics and Astronautics/Aerodynamics

Miss M Tivey

Leader of Gifted and Talented and Cross Curricular Skills/History


Year 11 Oxbridge Admissions Evening Redhill Academy March 2018

A number of our high achieving year 11's and their families attended an Oxbridge evening at Redhill Academy on 14 March. A representative from Peterhouse College, Cambridge University explained how to make a successful Oxbridge application. There was also the opportunity to listen to two students who had recently successfully gone through the application and interview process. The whole evening was informative and motivational.

Cambridge University Visit March 2018

Ten year 12 students visited Peterhouse College, Cambridge University, the oldest college in Cambridge, to focus on the application process and to find out about applying to Oxbridge. They also had the opportunity to sit in on 2 lectures.

We attended Peterhouse college, cambridge, to gain an insight into what studying at oxbridge is like, as well as the application process. our day included a tour of the college, sample lectures and the chance to have our questions answered by students at cambridge. We also ate lunch in the main hall and explored a few parts of cambridge, which really gave us a feel of what it could be like to live there in the future. i definitely gained alot from the day and the admissions officers talk on the application process was very detailed and helpful. personally, i feel much more informed with regards to my future choices and what i can do to help my university application and found the trip very enjoyable.

Caitlin cook Year 12 


If you are capable of applying to a russell group university, you're capable of applying to oxbridge.

peterhouse college cambridge liason officer



it was an inspiring, motivational day.

Miss Tivey


Peterhouse College Cambridge Visit January 2018

On Tuesday, 30th January 2018, Miss Tivey took some Year 10 students to Peterhouse College, Cambridge for an 'aspirations day'.
Students enjoyed 2 lectures, a tour of the college and a careers talk and found it an informative, fun day.


Sheffield University Visit November 2017

On Wednesday 22nd November 2017, a group of more able Tuxford Academy students had the opportunity to visit Russell group university Sheffield to find out about subject choices and university life. They had a campus tour with university student ambassadors and also got the opportunity to do a team presentation.

Nottingham University Visit July 2017

‘On Friday, 7th July 2017, 43 year 10 students visited one of our local Russell Group universities, University of Nottingham. During their visit they learned about different career pathways, worked as a team to promote a product, spoke to undergraduates and underwent a tour of the university facilities such as the Student Union, library, a lecture theatre and some of the halls of residence. It was a great opportunity for the students to experience a window into studying at a campus university.

 STEM Challenge

Nicola Albans, Tom Burd, Izzy Fountain-Bird, Beth Hall, Wilf Wright and Sam Yates took part in a STEM Challenge and won Best Overall Project! They competed against 13 other schools including the other DALP schools and took first place - a fantastic achievement.   
The project was called My School is an Island; this involved imagining Tuxford Academy had been moved to an island, researching the differences that would be needed to run an island school and implementing them. They worked incredibly hard to gather research, write a report, build a scale model and design a presentation to be given to a panel of judges. They looked very smart in the t-shirts they designed, gave a brilliant presentation and were very happy with their much deserved win!

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