Gifted & Talented/More Able Students

Tuxford Academy has in effect two Gifted & Talented registers: (i) whole school and (ii) faculty specific.
Each year the Year 7 CAT scores are analysed and used to start the whole school register. It is agreed nationally that for Year 7 CAT scores: 128+ Average CAT or Non Verbal CAT means a student is ’gifted’ nationally (100 = average student; 120 plus indicates ‘able’ student.) High non-verbal scores are a very good indicator of G & T.  
Faculties also identify G & T using criteria established by subjects and teachers; peer comparison (2 to 3 years ahead of peers) and talent identification (sport, music, drama, art and dance).
There are a number of whole school G & T clubs (such as Chess, Astronomy) and faculty specific ones.  
Miss M Tivey, Leader of Gifted and Talented and Cross Curricular Skills/History

STEM Challenge


Nicola Albans, Tom Burd, Izzy Fountain-Bird, Beth Hall, Wilf Wright and Sam Yates took part in a STEM Challenge on Wednesday and won Best Overall Project! They competed against 13 other schools including the other DALP schools and took first place - a fantastic achievement.   
The project was called My School is an Island; this involved imagining Tuxford Academy had been moved to an island, researching the differences that would be needed to run an island school and implementing them. They worked incredibly hard to gather research, write a report, build a scale model and design a presentation to be given to a panel of judges. They looked very smart in the t-shirts they designed, gave a brilliant presentation and were very happy with their much deserved win!

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