Eco Schools

Our energy saving strategy in a nutshell  

Energy Purchasing Ensure providers are giving us good value.
Energy Monitoring To read meters regularly, investigate high usage peaks, Set and Monitor Reduction Targets.
Energy Awareness Communicate with all stakeholders, highlighting the benefits of saving energy, both in school and at home.
Curriculum Build energy saving issues into curricular activities. 
Design Energy Efficiency to be a consideration in purchase of new equipment and design of building projects.


We are committed to the responsible use of resource throughout the school. Our aim is to minimise both expenditure and environmental impact, whilst maintaining acceptable levels of comfort for pupils and staff.  


Formation of an action plan and policy to reduce the use of energy and water within the school and in the wider community. An Energy Team, made up of Students, Teachers, Support Staff and Site Staff, meeting termly to review progress and plan initiatives.  

Where are we now!

This is the start. Taking last year’s usage of Electricity, Oil, Gas and Water as our starting point we will be setting targets for this year’s usage month by month.  

Environmental.   Ethical.   Economic.

Whatever your reasons for getting involved we need your support to make a difference, good housekeeping, switching off unused appliances and lights for example, reviewing the need to print and, when necessary, printing in Eco mode will all start the ball rolling.

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